A Possible Press Release

A Possible Press Release – “Time Gates – THE INTUITIVE ART OF SANTO CERVELLO” Volume I, II, III, IV, & V are now available worldwide, through online bookstores. Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks.

NEWS PROVIDED BY Santo Cervello, Artist/Author/Owner of Actor’s Corner Cafe/Art Museum Complex Mar 30th, 2023, 10:00 AM.

SOLVANG, Calif., March 30th, 2023 – A Possible Press Release.

The words below reflect the live art of theatre.

An actor, performing a character, written by a playwright, must see the character as different or the same as himself. How is the character different from the actor? How does one think, feel, speak, move, behave, and then act?

The volcanoes blast and the lava flows. The frozen sea is melting. The earth is cracking, defrosting, and releasing methane gas. Trillions of intelligent wild creatures are shifting and adjusting to find food.

Queen Amy the Beloved works in the healer’s cave. Queen Sophia eradicates the terrible lies. The sacred truth will heal and create changes on Earth. We will now close the gates to the open fields and give the keys to only those who can hold the secret. When humanity again shares the Sacred Ideals the gates can be reopened to all. Please work for the highest possible good and peace will be with you. Become wise, stand up to evil and goodwill protect you.

Not a word was spoken not a whisper heard when the silent closing of the gates fell from the folding heavens deep into the earth. Space closes. Painful forms attach themselves inside our human web. People suffer.

They close their hearts. They are taught tiny little lies. Send me those who wish to help humankind. Earthly coils can now feed from the essence of mankind without us knowing. Pride and righteousness control the mind. I will disappear and the time warp will end.

The art image of “Amy the Beloved” and “Sophia Queen of the World” suddenly sprang up larger than life and occupied their own space, filling up the canvas with their presence. Amy the beloved appears with her heart wide open and visible ribs showing. Sophia the Queen becomes positioned like a Sphinx in front of the Great pyramids of Giza, supported by the powers of Earth and Heaven. It happened so fast.  

Humanity’s ancient seeds are under scientific manipulation. There is the computer revolution with thousands of rockets and billions of drones flying through our space. New babies are born. The artist must draw and sketch. There is war and Covid19 attacks and so much more to do. We must survive and pay bills. It is important not to be silent. Our sons and daughters are growing up to become human and we must create new laws for peace. We must protect human beings before the killings begin. The desert sand keeps hidden the ancient secrets of gold. Goodness must win and time gates are real.

Santo Cervello is 73 years old and throughout his life, there has always been war and talk of wars. The first volume of Time Gates speaks about Atlantis and why it sank into the sea, some ten thousand years ago.

During the time of Atlantis, the time gates were misused. Imagine twenty million people going to the theatre on a special day and not one person returns home or is ever seen again. The people all disappeared. Who would commit such a crime? Those who need to control everything. The disappearance of the people was produced by Time Shift Technologies. Within a hundred years from now, will this happen again?