About Us

We host romantic evening dinners, anniversaries, birthday parties and private lunch. Our selection of wine and food pairing is exceptional. Our menu is a blend of our European-Italian roots and California flavors.

We set the stage to create beautiful moments at the Actor’s Corner Café. Our guests will soon arrive to feast on fresh foods and award winning wine. Chef Santo displays a necklace on a tray. Its tiny jewels symbolize the fires of mind which ignite the flavors of healthy food, cooked with our best wine. A meal of hot fresh bread, olives, cheese, and much more is waiting for you. Our location is like an enchanting castle. You don’t have to go to Europe. Please join us for a moment to remember.

The Actor’s Corner Café, is open for dinner from 5.00 pm till 8.00 pm except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays. This summer we offer private lunch from 12.00 pm till 01:30 pm by reservations only. We are an adult fine dining quiet environment with beautiful indoor and outdoor seating. Our restaurant is suitable only for children of 7 years old and up.

About Actor's Corner Cafe

Actor’s Corner Cafe’ is perfect for romantic dinners. 

This summer we offer private lunch by RSVP only.

Reservations are required for the party of 4 or more. 
Minimum order per person is $35. 
We charge a rental fee for private occasions. 
To inquire about the rentals please call: 805 686-2409.

We serve to contribute towards a healthy, happy-good living, that creates beauty and joy in your life.

About Actor's Corner Cafe