Working model of the Actor’s Corner Café fine dining, Franchise.

The Actor’s Corner Cafe serves delicious, healthy foods that are seasoned with the flavors and spices of old Europe. We serve vintage Italian and California wine and premium local beer, and have our own brand of Actor’s Corner Coffee.

The Actor’s Corner Café has become a boutique wine pairing restaurant that now serves a wholesome and fine dining cuisine. For the past six years we have fine tuned our menu so that we are able to produce a meal to remember. We have sourced the best local produce available. We cook with organic virgin olive oil and fine wine that has won golden awards. Enjoy.

Who are we?

We are more than just a restaurant. Since 2013, Chef Santo and his wife Grace have made the Actor’s Corner Café what it is today. We are a fine dining, boutique style, European restaurant. We are different. We reach out to good people that value great food, great wine and great service.

A business must be set up properly from the beginning to succeed. You can join us. A group like us, with high integrity and standards, becomes an expanding family of world restaurant owners. Why not? It is real and happening. We travel on the yellow brick road to fine dining.

Your Franchise License from Actor`s Corner Café

The up front, Franchise licensee fee is $100,000 and this buys a license to conduct your business as Actor`s Corner Café, in your area. You win. We all win.

What comes next can be hard. Simply put, a restaurant has to comply with the current health, fire, parking and building codes.

We all went through this one. Just make sure you have enough cash to ride the wave. Each restaurant location is different.

Also check with your local government as some counties and CAs are more business friendly than others. 

Why choose us?

We are a business with a clear vision that works. We have created a unique and beautiful restaurant profile.

The Actor’s Corner Café can be owned by a family, a large corporation, an institution, a hotel and so on.

We keep our standards high. Outside the beautiful courtyard is kept clean. The restaurant and kitchen inside are spotless.

A small menu allows you to always serve fresh food. Zero waste.     

The staff at the Actor’s Corner Café, works with the intention to create goodness, value and good health.

We serve wholesome food cooked with our best wine. We give the best service, and our clients do appreciate us. Cook with love.

Please review our website. We will send more information with our application form. Email us.