New Study of Art Images

Queen of The New Earth
Amy The Beloved works in a Healer’s cave. Queen Sophia eradicates lies using her sacred thoughts and words of power.

“Before a child is born, the beating of its mother heart is its home. Later, the child learns about the wind, the mountains, the oceans and the stars. We can trace the musical sound of goodness from the outer web of our body into the inner threads of our mind, to be amplified for the peace of our children. So many forces flow through our lives during each moment. Our thinking, our emotions and our desires have become electrified. The one common thread that people share is that we are human beings. We must be worthy of that powerful thread. It is the greatest honor. Yes, there is the roar of the wind and the sea. There is the roar of the mountains and the trees. There are the roars of hunger, of sickness and of rage. The silent sound of the wind will guide us to a gentle field where there is peace and no need to slay the dragons.” The Actor enters reading “The Golden Time Gates Books Of Art”.