“Stand Alone Spirit” from Volume II

The image below entitled “Stand Alone Spirit”, was created on a day with a soft yellow glow of light, coming from a south-facing window on the third floor of our museum building. “This light is calling out for something”, was my thought. I sat down and began to sketch. Within minutes the shape of the image presented itself as if it was always there. Life and death seemed to stand side by side through the light of the room. It was, you may say, euphoric.

The image was finished quickly with only the background needing more work. I remember the water was a challenge to complete. The water seemed to want more and more and it was never enough until it was just right. This water has a need to speak through the spirit of the image and so I listened. I looked into the water to see the many images appear and disappear. Will Time Gates be seen and understood? Will people buy this book?