The Doomsday Clock

The Doomsday Clock – “Time Gates – THE INTUITIVE ART OF SANTO CERVELLO”. SOLVANG, Calif., Feb. 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Actor’s Corner Café and Santo Cervello announce The Doomsday Clock – “Time Gates – THE INTUITIVE ART OF SANTO CERVELLO”.

Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network “Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello,” volumes: I, II, III, IV, and V are now available to 40,000 retailers. You can buy them on Amazon in paperback, hardcover and through Kindle eBooks. You can buy the “Time Gates” collection through most online retailers.

About Santo’s possible truth. Body, Mind and Spirit.

Humanity holds the hands of the doomsday clock before the evil kill. Millions of people around the Earth pray and chant for peace.The Five Volumes of Time Gates are born from the seed planted long ago. There is a powerful voice of peace in these art books that waits behind the sound of war. Goodness shines on all of us like the sun light. Liken to ancient times, the storms of war will pass away. The art images reveal the story.

This is an extraordinary opportunity for you to acquire the  “Time Gates” collection by Santo Cervello comprising of Five Volumes. “The image of the Encoded Screen Room, points to the future which implies that all humanity has been programmed under a system of mind and emotional control,” said Santo Cervello, an artist and author. “The learning through this journey is through the images of the book. The organ pipers play, in silence and yet we hear its music at some distance level. Perhaps it is the music of light. All living beings hear the light of our sun at some level. Is this not true?” In another image the ocean asks each person, “What will you leave behind? Through these images you will think of life in a different way.” Enjoy. 

There is much more that must be said about war and peace. Visit and share the artist’s views through his blog:

About The Artist and Author

The five volumes of “Time Gates” reflect a diverse, professional background of the author: from an actor/director/producer/chef to an intuitive art painter/writer/philosopher and an entrepreneur. More than 850 images of Art have been produced in the time span, between 2007 and 2022. This compelling work of art is interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. It is as if you enter, a unique theatre, where everything brims with rich imagery, and vibrancy. For more information, please check: Cervello, Artist/Author/Owner of Actor’s CornerCafe/ArtMuseum Complex/

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