Twelve Press Releases from 2021 to 2023

SOLVANG, Calif., June 10, 2021 – March 28th, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Distribution of Art Books by Ingram Sparks. Through our global distribution network “Time Gates, The Intuitive Art of Santo Cervello,” is available to 40,000 retailers. Written by Grace Lebecka & Santo Cervello

Canadian Actor Santo Cervello moves to Solvang, California and within ten years he creates more than 800 art images based on the subject of Time Gates. Many creative people with wonderful dreams have lived near Solvang, California. President Ronald Regan`s Ranch is here. Dean Martin`s Castle by the river and Michael Jackson’s Neverland were here. The location is blessed with rolling hills near the ocean, olive trees, vineyards, and sunny fields with beautiful magical horses. “What a wonderful place to create a dream of peace through images of Art.” He says. Below is how the dream begins.

The Red Sequoia tree from a small seed grows to become a giant. It may live as long as three thousand years and more. Seeds of the opposite kind also grow and create a balance in the forest. The artist connects to his energy body and the colors radiate from his hands. He draws and the images take on a life of their own. The beautiful thing about this statement is that anyone can do this. Many children are discovering such gifts early in their youth. We are human beings and at some energy level, we are all connected. The life force of each person is a cluster of jewels. There are people on earth who live in dark places, while others live in lighted rooms. We are creators of comedy and dramas and we all create who we must become. Before we were born our souls traveled and soared through the powerful energies of consciousness. Has it not been written in the ancient books, that when we go to the past, present and future we will find ourselves there? Space through the quality of sound and number is encoded and organized. Ancient computers were made so that program information could be safely kept inside manufactured pores stone. There are the gates of power and of goodness. There are the gates of control and of slavery. Through the time gates of goodness, the ancient wine keepers live. In their vineyards, they create fences to keep out the wild deer that roam through the hills and fields.

The wine makers’ dream is to create a fine wine that is then stored in a safe place for a long time. Ten thousand years from now they will return to find their wine. The ten-thousand-year-old bottles will then be opened and wine enjoyed with great celebration. Why not?

Grace writes the following: “Each art piece speaks for itself. The common thread is the truth of what I call: Santo’s intuitive, clairvoyant, and sometimes prophetic downloads. While viewing the images, you will be taken into a vast and deep territory through realms of the collective and personal unconscious. It is an ocean, full of colorful characters, abstract forms, powerful archetypal forces, and cosmic powers. Santo’s art reminds me that time exists on a vertical scale of, past, present, and future, interweaving and talking to each other. Explore a breath of air on the journey and enjoy a visionary, colorful theatre of art, while crossing through the Time Gates. 

Volume two will be published soon and at this point, I came to a realization that Santo was capturing the transition of our world collapsing with our experiences of terror, isolation, and the departure of so many people. The time of present and past intersected and merged with each other. There is a feeling of unexpected and abrupt change. From the ancient past, the painted characters move through the fluid gates of recorded memories. Fantastical, dream-like images suddenly appear. A computerized revolution and a brain shift of humanity. Is it a fantasy dream or a future reality? Does it take place here on Earth or in some distant galaxy? 

 The five volumes of “Time Gates” by Santo Cervello are now being organized and promoted to be seen. Volume V is the last of the series and will be soon available. The colorful, compelling art images of Santo Cervello are interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. 

The global pandemic is revealed through the undercurrents of Santo’s art. The characters are bold, daring, and nakedly honest in their expressions. Coming out from their portals, they stare from the painted canvas straight into your eyes.

The artist downloads the Time Gate of a Great Transition when we all become part of Humanity as One. We have dedicated this art book to the millions of loved ones who departed from us, in the year 2020 – 2023.

By viewing the images we enter an inner universe pulsating in a particular rhythm and vibration. At times we hear a song or we sense a feeling field of music reverberating through the spheres. Transformation takes place when we allow ourselves to go deeper, passing each gate within a gate, doors opening up endlessly revealing the depths, vastness, and richness of those inner worlds.

It was a bright, sunny Saturday morning, the light coming from the windows was shining and the whole floor where Santo’s art was displayed seemed to glow and smile. I had seen these images before, but now my perception was different. The images I considered “dark” or “disturbing” looked like they went through a transformation, losing their negative undertone. 

Each page we turn guides us on a timeless journey. All the characters are important and have the need to appear. The props, sets, costumes, and fantastical backdrops have a need to be seen for the audience to view. This motif becomes the thread that weaves through each of his volumes. Hell, deception, hunger as well as tranquil beauty, all is happening and existing next to each other along with the powerful sounds of ancient prayers and chants. As an artist, Santo opens volumes of doors through portals of time and space. The Great Chinese Teacher T’ien-t’ai talks about three thousand realms existing, within a single moment of life.

Santo’s artwork takes me within the inner chambers of my own being. So, I concentrated solely on the sense of hearing through my vision and while I was going inside these images, I put on an amplifier to my ears and listened. Surprisingly, I could actually hear the forces of nature, the splashing rivers, and the roaring waves of ocean currents along with other noises. The art images are the reflecting mirrors of sound which I call ‘metallic intersections’. The sound of wind, fire, and space, echoing the voices and disturbances of our world have come very near to me.

Art Images for Peace take the audience’s attention within the Sound Seeker’s Journey. There are swarms of forces striving to overpower each other, struggling to be heard. Shrieking vibrations of anger and destruction, closely followed by whispering voices of persistent calmness and compassion.

Through the art, we hear the silence of snowflakes falling, the singing of a mountain bird, and the sound of a red rose growing in Jane Walker’s garden. 

We often stumble upon realms of Below and Above as we find ourselves sinking into the abyss and, before long, soaring into deep cosmic fields. Here we encounter various characters. We meet the forces of the cosmos and nature all connected to vibrations of amplified gates. It is the hero’s journey of the Sound Seeker, who passes through the Kingdoms of the Queen, the Lords of the Underworld, and of Heaven. He plunges into space and dives into the deep waters of the earth, to arrive and define the sound vibration of Peace for our world.”

Cervello’s Art Image – “The Chocolate World”

This “Chocolate World” was selected not to be in this book collection, but it was delicious and lots of fun to create. This chocolate world was and is something like our earth where all things in chocolate lands are there to be eaten. Not a single morsel of this delicious chocolate will go to waste. It is on my blog. For a few dollars, you will be able to order a large print of this image soon. Make a reservation.

Grace continues: “I was on the plane from Poland to California a few days ago when I had another insight regarding this work of art.  Living with my family for two months in Poland, 100 kilometers from the Ukrainian border, I experienced close proximity to the war zone. We watched in horror the news of the invasion knowing that thousands of people were crossing the nearby Polish border each day. From this perspective, I reflected on Santo’s intuitive documentation of actual events that he downloaded, way back before they happened. How was it possible that he produced images of “War plans” years before the war?

The other spectrum to Santo’s art is his unique, visionary sight that takes us through time gate portals of our own soul where we recognize who we are and who will become. Finding the peace note is a restoration and revival of the dignity of our lives. Santo says, “The peace note is implanted in our Aura and DNA of our being. Can we change the future of war by changing the script of people who control the plans to kill us? Who gives such people the freedom to kill humanity? Many people die not by enemy bullets but from the fears of how to survive without shelter and food. Old people often die just from the feelings that come through them from a planned invasion”.

“Jane Walker’s Rose” from volume IV, is an image that is the closest to my heart. There is a beautiful blossomed rose, in a small simple vase, in a garden that is weeded with metallic constructs. Is this image not a metaphor for the war landscape? This new, and beautiful proud flower, dares to grow, and flourish in spite of it all.

For me, the red rose also represents the open hearts of thousands of Polish citizens welcoming Ukrainian refugees into their homes. The Phoenix rises from its ashes with hope and dreams of not war but peace with the right to live in harmonious coexistence. As a viewer and a student of intuitive art, you may contemplate on images compiled in these volumes and seek the ones that stir up feelings in you. Please support this work; it gives a true and honest testimony to this turbulent era, that we have all experienced for more than a decade.”

 Here Cervello writes about his creative process: “How does one find the sound of peace within one’s self? This was my question and as I sketched, the images overlapped, appearing and disappearing.  On the canvas, the images evolved, always changing or they became hidden within, underneath, on top, or below. There is goodness between my vibration and the earth’s and I trust this process.

When the call for peace is greater than the call for war, people will read these books. I begin this work of art, connecting my body vibration to the vibration of the earth. I sketch line upon line, on a blank canvas. When images begin to appear I use colors within the spaces and the threads.”

SOLVANG, Calif., Aug. 01, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — We have just received notice that our final two volumes of “Time Gates” are being uploaded into the worldwide Ingram Sparks computer printing center. The Palmetto Publishing Team has been excellent to work with. They were presented with more than 800 scanned images of art and they produced five volumes of four books.

The completed project has been computerized for the media and book printing marketplace and is now available for purchase by anyone.  Check out Amazon. Also the worldwide online book sales. More than 650 works of art were selected for this project. We the people are flesh and bones. We all have past, present, and future lives and these art images are time gates that will lead us to know this truth.

We work for peace on earth and not war. We work to help and not harm each other. We stand up to the lies, the tricks, and the unkind thoughts for self-power.

“Stand Alone Spirit” by Santo Cervello – Volume II. The image entitled “Stand Alone Spirit” was created on a day with a soft yellow glow of light, coming from a south-facing window on the third floor of our museum building. “This light is calling out for something,” was my thought. I sat down and began to sketch. Within minutes the shape of the image presented itself as if it was always there. Life and death seemed to stand side by side through the light of the room. It was, you may say, euphoric.

The image was finished quickly with only the background needing more work. I remember the water was a challenge to complete. The water seemed to want more and more and it was never enough until it was just right. This water has a need to speak through the spirit of the image and so I listened. I looked into the water to see the many images that appear and disappear. Will “Time Gates” be seen and understood? Will people buy this book?

Please review the image of “The Pointer”, writes Cervello. The Sound Seekers search, their inner webs to find the location of peace on earth. Above the head, on the right side of the body, the pointer shows the location of the sound gate before the vibrations enter the brain. If this portal has been blocked we must clean it by using our minds. The third eye must also be clear. The teaching is that: “Energy follows thought.”

Recently, I visited my eye doctor, Pinkeo Southaphah, OD. During my examination, she showed me a colored picture on the computer screen, of the inside of my left and right eye. Through the back of my eyes, I saw the fabric of the cosmos and I was amazed. Are we not all created from this universal fabric? During my eye examination, I became convinced that each person, within themselves, is A Time Gate.

“What beautiful and potential destiny will our human race fulfill?” I thought.  I placed my attention on the image where the Pointer points and within this point, I meet myself on the field, where there is no right or wrong. I see the universe. I hear the cosmic sounds and I wait for the sound of peace. 

“Patel the ancient teacher appears now”, writes Cervello. Mr. Patel is a person who came with an understanding of the ancient world. Mr. Patel is a kind and quiet gentleman.

He offers the ancient teaching to a group of people each Tuesday night. He has performed this task for more than 40 years. There is no money exchange.

The students listen and then ask questions and the answers flow through him and to us. It is a simple format of learning yet it provokes a war with each person. We all share doubts about not knowing, not understanding the ancient laws, and believing the workings of the universe. It is no easy task to prove and trust the truth within oneself and to follow through with it in life, with clarity.

In 1995 – I joined this group of good people and in 2007, the image of Patel the teacher appeared. In only a few hours, I sketched out the inner aura and the energy forms that were held within Mr. Patel’s life at that time. The image can be viewed by clicking on the Actor’s Corner Café website and blog: I always thank Mr. Petal for his kind and wonderful service and for helping to make our world better.

It is not easy to present such a large work of art and to present these images in such a way for the world to see them and for you, the buyer, to buy these books for your home, with a click of a button.  

The books arrive, in just a few days, and by viewing these images you become one of us, working for peace and for good through this understanding that we are all energy time gates. This is where we are today and it is not just me, not just one person. It is you and all of us and our universe that is alive and this is true and real. Wow.

The Doomsday Clock: Humanity holds the hands of the doomsday clock before the evil kill. The Five Volumes of Time Gates are born from the seed planted long ago. There is a powerful voice of peace in this art book that waits behind the sound of war. Goodness shines on all of us like the sunlight. Liken to ancient times, the storms of war will pass away. The art reveals the story.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to acquire to view “Time Gates” by Santo Cervello comprising Volume Five on Kindle eBooks, now for free. This limited-time offer begins February 3rd and ends February 7th, 2023. “The image of “The Encoded Screen Room”, points to the future which implies that all humanity has been programmed under a system of mind and emotional control,” said Santo Cervello, an artist and author.

“The learning through this journey is through the images of the book. The organ pipers play in silence and yet we hear its music at some distance level. Perhaps it is the music of sunlight. All living beings hear the light of our sun at some level. Is this not true?” In another image, the ocean asks each person, “What will you leave behind? Through these images, you will think of life in a different way and that is why I am offering this volume for free.” Enjoy. There is much more that must be said about war and peace. Visit and share the artist’s views through his blog: art honors the dear, wonderful people who have died in our time. Below is a short excerpt:

Sounds of violins and flutes are heard from the castle courtyard. The actor enters the closed theatre to perform on the open stage. The spirits of the empty theatre do study the actor’s work. No sound is heard. The hunger spirits control the persons they desire with fear and power. The spirits spin their webs around the empty chairs. Not a sound is heard as webs are spun around the actor too. The actor sits in the warrior’s chair. The play will have no audience. A small television camera crew records the show for the people on computers to see.

A green flower shaped like a white daisy grows as high as a three-thousand-year-old Red Sequoia tree. The actor arrives and the lighting bird speaks of pyramids in the sky. 

The television camera crew has set up and is ready for action. The actor reads: From Earth to the stars, we have gathered the jewels from our robe for the journey home. From the fires of its powerful heart, the Earth wishes us great good, as we travel the universe. We will never forget the food, the wine, and the many lessons that the Earth has given through the spirits of her body. It is a hell of an adventure for all of us.  

“Before a child is born, the beating of its mother’s heart is its home. Later, the child learns about the wind, the mountains, the oceans, and the stars. We can trace the musical sound of goodness from the outer web of our body into the inner threads of our mind, to be amplified for the peace of our children.

So many forces flow through our lives during each moment. Our thinking, our emotions, and our desires have become electrified. The one common thread that people share is that we are human beings. We must be worthy of that powerful thread. It is the greatest honor. Yes, there is the roar of the wind and the sea. There is the roar of the mountains and the trees. There are the roars of hunger, sickness, and of rage. The silent sound of the wind will guide us to a gentle field where there is peace and no need to slay the dragons.” The Actor enters reading “The Golden Time Gates Books of Art”.