World in Transition

Angel Wings
We are not alone. The human being belongs within the universal structures of spirit, body, and mind. We are all travelers in lands without space, through gates of possible time.

Sounds of violins and flutes are heard from the castle courtyard. The actor enters the closed theatre to perform on the open stage. The spirits of the empty theatre do study the actor’s work. No sound is heard. The hunger spirits control the persons they desire with fear and power. The spirits spin their webs around the empty chairs. Not a sound is heard as webs are spun around the actor too. The actor sits in the warrior’s chair. The play will have no audience. A small television camera crew records the show for the people on computers to see.

A green flower shaped like a white daisy, grows as high as a three-thousand-year-old Red Sequoia tree. The actor arrives and the lighting bird speaks of pyramids in the sky. 

The television camera crew has set up and ready for action. The actor reads: From Earth to the stars, we have gathered the jewels from our robe for the journey home. From the fires of its powerful heart, the Earth wishes us great goodness, as we travel the universe. We will never forget the food, the wine, and the many lessons that the Earth has given through the spirits of her body. It is a hell of an adventure for all of us.