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About Santo S Cervello

The five volumes of “Time Gates” by Santo Cervello hold almost seven hundred art images. This compelling work of art is interwoven with fiction, drama, poetry, and philosophical discourses. It is as if you enter, a very unique theater, where everything brims with rich imagery, vibrancy, and dynamism.

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“Shut The Gates, Freedom is Not War”

From “Time Gates” volume V As I begin to draw and sketch on the canvas, I work with the inner sounds of the earth. I allow the images to appear and disappear as I draw and the end result is in the art of what you see. There are beautiful flowers in the spring, summer

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All Five Volumes of “Time Gates”

This morning Grace and I decided to pause and acknowledge publishing all five volumes of “Time Gates”. Time for appreciation and celebration! It has been an incredibly rich experience with detours, traps, and learning and so much learning and more to learn.

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“The Chocolate World” image

This “Chocolate World” was selected not to be in my “Time Gates” book collection, but it was delicious and lots of fun to create. This chocolate world was and is something like our earth where all things in chocolate lands are there to be eaten. Not a single morsel of this delicious chocolate will go

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“Patel”, an image of an ancient teacher

Mr. Patel is a person who came with an understanding of the ancient world. Mr. Patel is a kind and quiet gentleman. He offers the ancient teaching to a group of people each Tuesday night. He has performed this task for more than 40 years. There is no money exchange. The students listen, and then

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“Stand Alone Spirit” from Volume II

The image below entitled “Stand Alone Spirit”, was created on a day with a soft yellow glow of light, coming from a south-facing window on the third floor of our museum building. “This light is calling out for something”, was my thought. I sat down and began to sketch. Within minutes the shape of the

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This is my most powerful prayer for world peace

This is our latest press release:

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Grace’s most loved image

I recently asked my wife, Grace which one of my images is the closest to her heart. She answered immediately: “Freedom To Fly”. “I have never taken such freedom for granted”. She said. I created the image in 2020 and at the last minute added it to “Time Gates” at the end of the book.

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